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So I recently downloaded three albums from iTunes, this was my first downloading music from iTunes experience, I have downloaded many shows before. Anyway, I use iTunes as my main music player on my pc, however, my mp3 player is an iRiver, which runs from WMP. I also use my mp3 player in my car, because I have a tape deck and tape adaptor. So, my problem is that I should have downloaded the songs in WMA format, because those will convert to iTunes, however as far as I am aware the reverse does not work. So here are my two questions, one does anyone know of a free program which might do this conversion and two if not does anyone have these albums and is willing to send them to me over AIM in wma format?

Reel Big Fish- Greatest Hits, Save Ferris- It Means Everything, Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer- Jalopy Go Far.

my aim is: skacat330

Normally, I don't download songs, I like having the actual cds and I usually by them used on amazon, but this was the pepsistuff promotion so I could get downloads with the points and it runs through and amazon gives you the choice of wmp or iTunes and I foolishly picked iTunes instead of wmp, so I could download them again in wma format, but that'd be a waste, so that's where you come in. 
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